Recruiters look at CVs for an average of six seconds. Being convincing in such a short space of time is no mean feat. Video CVs allow recruiters to narrow their selection and at the same time provide applicants with more ways of standing out. So why and how do you produce a video CV which will give you the edge?

Record a video CV increases your chances of being hired:

Capture a recruiter’s attention

– A video CV lasts more than six seconds.

– While this might seem like an insignificant point, it highlights a change of behaviour among recruiters: whereas they might only spend a few seconds looking at your conventional CV, a video will be viewed from start to finish.

– Therefore, a video CV gives you far superior chances of presenting the area of experience which a recruiter will want to know more about!

Make people want to meet you

– A video will also bring your communicative skills and body language to life.

– If knowledge of a foreign language is a requirement, producing your video CV in that language will give you the chance to showcase your skills. You can also make something a little more original depending on the role you are applying for.

– On the one hand, if you are submitting a spontaneous application for a creative role in a very innovative organisation, doing something out of the ordinary will be looked on favourably!

– On the other hand, if your aim is a position as a chartered accountant within a conventional company, a more conservative tone will be called for. By tailoring your video CV to reflect the culture of the company you hope to join, you will show how well you reflect company values, something that is impossible with a conventional CV.

Pre-interview training

– Another advantage: you do have several attempts. There is neither stress nor pressure; you give yourself every chance of success!

– also, preparing to make your video is excellent pre-interview training. it is tempting to focus solely on the company, its values and your background when preparing for an interview. the camera will remind you of the importance of how things are worded and flow.


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