A successful video CV


Prepare your script:

Remember that you will be speaking. Hence, when you will be drafting your script, it is crucial to keep in mind that it will be listened to and not read.

– A video CV that sounds recited is a complete non-starter.

– Use simple and direct vocabulary. Short sentences are the best way to deliver key messages. You only have a few minutes to prove your worth!

– Read your presentation aloud several times, focus on your intonation and breathing. You need to give the impression that you are speaking in the same way you do every day. It must be coherent, brief and clear.

recording the video:

– Set yourself up in a quiet and neutral space

– Lighting is particularly important: you must be clearly and uniformly lit (do not sit with a window on one side), you should not be overexposed or have a backlit either.

– You should also respect the notion of personal space. The shot should include your head and upper body with your hands being visible whenever you make gestures.

3, 2, 1, Action :

When recording your video, always err on the side of caution: avoid overly bright colours, any kind of hat or too much make-up. Make yourself comfortable and… Action!

Your body language should convey openness:

– Do not let your arms hang down, or talk too much with your hands. Make sure you sit up straight without looking rigid. You should aim to create a professional and natural image.

– In addition to your true smile, your voice should be friendly and happy. It’s all about intonation. Master your breathing, avoid speaking too fast and respect any punctuation.

– Our platform allows you to upload your text onto an autocue which scrolls as you record. This function is extremely helpful as it allows you to keep your gaze on the camera lens. This will give the people who watch your video the impression that you are looking them in the eyes, and after all, they are the ones you are talking to.


Best of luck!